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Top 10 Trending Commercial Paint Colors in 2024

What do Apple, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola all have in common? A meticulously designed color palette. As the first impression of your brand, your commercial space’s exterior color is a silent spokesperson for everything your business represents. In 2024 and beyond, these colors must reflect a deep understanding of human psychology; they must speak of reliability, vibe with the zeitgeist, and maintain visual appeal in a sea of visual noise.

In this comprehensive article, we dissect the top 10 trending commercial paint colors for 2024. Savvy commercial property owners can leverage this knowledge to uplift their businesses and enhance the customer experience. Our journey begins with an analysis of color trends in this year’s design landscape.

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Color Trend Analysis

Color is not just about aesthetics; it’s about tapping into emotions and influencing behaviors. A well-chosen color scheme can instill brand recognition, foster productivity, and create a welcoming environment. In 2024, color trends for the commercial sector are focusing on a delicate balance between tradition and innovation, injecting spaces with warmth and vitality.

PANTONE's Proclamations

PANTONE’s annual Color of the Year plays a significant role in shaping the color landscape across industries. This year, “Spring of Hope,” a renewed shade of green, signals a fresh start grounded in nature. Complemented by a palette of soft pastels and muted earth tones, 2024’s commercial spaces exude an air of optimism and resilience.

Behr's Inspirations

Behr Paint’s Color Trends 2024 forecast “New Dawn” to be the pervasive theme, with nature-inspired hues dominating the palette. Serene blues, gentle greens, and earthy neutrals bring an organic, calming quality, bridging the gap between the demands of modern life and the inherent human need for connection to the natural world.

Top 10 Trending Colors

Azure Blue

Azure Blue, reminiscent of the open skies on a clear summer’s day, is a color that speaks to trust, expansiveness, and tranquility. It is a shade that evokes a feeling of reliability, making it an excellent choice for spaces promoting technology and consultancy services.

Ideal for office spaces, where the need for a calming yet focused environment is paramount. Azure Blue can also elevate the exterior of financial institutions, projecting a sense of security and dependability.

Hushed Amber

Hushed Amber is a warm, golden hue that emits a vibe of luxury and sophistication. Paired with accents of dark wood or metallics, this color creates a cosy, upscale atmosphere. It’s a trend that speaks to the blend of vintage elegance with a modern twist.

Perfect for luxury hotel lobbies and retail stores. Its discreet glow adds a touch of mystery, drawing patrons into trendy clothing boutiques or exclusive fine dining establishments.

Infusion Coral

Infusion Coral is a bright, invigorating color that symbolises passion and innovation. This shade is a bold statement, demanding attention and suggesting a forward-thinking approach.

Commonly seen in creative workspaces, Infusion Coral energises teams and inspires productivity. Retail outlets selling innovative technology or health-related products can also benefit from its vibrant appeal.

Artisan Clay

Artisan Clay is a rich, grounding color that enlivens the senses with its earthy touch. It is a hue reminiscent of red ochre, and it speaks to tradition, craftsmanship, and security.

Perfect for luxury hotel lobbies and retail stores. Its discreet glow adds a touch of mystery, drawing patrons into trendy clothing boutiques or exclusive fine dining establishments.

Morn Mist Gray

Morn Mist Gray is a soft, misty shade that ooses elegance and subtlety. Its gentle grace and classic undertone appeal to a wide audience seeking tactful, understated beauty.

For upscale commercial real estate properties, Morn Mist Gray imparts a sense of quiet opulence. Spas and wellness centers also benefit from the air of sophistication this color conveys.

Modern Sage

Modern Sage is a quintessential color for the contemporary age, offering a balance of intellect and tranquility. It represents wisdom and prestige and infuses spaces with a rejuvenating calm.

In the legal and educational sectors, Modern Sage signifies growth and professionalism. In healthcare settings, it reassures patients and offers a soothing backdrop to healing environments.

Ambient Teal

Ambient Teal is the intersection of blue and green, embodying harmony and peace. It inspires a sense of stability and growth, making spaces appear more expansive and synchronised with their environmental surroundings.

Outdoor malls and recreational public spaces radiate with life when adorned with Ambient Teal. It complements retail storefronts and merges seamlessly with the natural world, creating a relaxing and inviting oasis.

Urban Charcoal

Urban Charcoal is the color of strength and maturity; it’s a modern twist on a classic shade. It projects a no-nonsense attitude and serves as a canvas for the dramatic highlights of contemporary design.

In high-end, tech-oriented commercial buildings, Urban Charcoal communicates a grounded meeting point for the future. It plays a pivotal role in framing the external features, creating a sleek, sharp, and masculine accent.

Ritzy Indigo

Ritzy Indigo combines the depth of blue with the richness of purple, evoking luxury and creativity. This color has complex, intricate shades and resonates with the enigmatic spirit of the night sky.

The opulence of Ritzy Indigo finds a natural home in the arts and cultural district of prominent city centers. It tells the story of sophisticated nightlife and serves as the backdrop for the theaters, galleries, and restaurants that make up a city’s cultural heartbeat.

Vital Vermilion

Vital Vermilion is a color with a vivacious personality. It speaks of passion, energy, and action and is a hue that commands attention.

In retail settings, Vital Vermilion can guide the eye toward a promotion or a focal point, encouraging engagement and purchases. It can also be tastefully employed in hospitality spaces, jassing up lounges and outdoor dining areas with a burst of positivity.


As the curtain rises in 2024, the stage is set for a dynamic interplay of color in commercial design. Our exploration of the top 10 trending commercial paint colors has unveiled a myriad of hues that can transform spaces, inspire customers, and infuse brands with new life.

When contemplating a fresh coat of paint for your commercial property, consider the language of color and what you want your business to communicate. Think about ambiance, emotion, and the customer journey through your space. Finally, always remember that the ultimate canvas for these stunning colors is in the hands of the professionals. Our team of expert commercial exterior painting contractors is ready to bring your vision to life. Contact us to schedule a consultation and start painting success with the colors of 2024.

Investing in a commercial paint job is an investment in your business’s future, and choosing the right paint color is the prologue to your success story. Prepare for a standing ovation from patrons, clients, and partners alike by making your property a masterpiece in motion – an installation that’s as timeless as it is timely.